The Perks of a Side Hustle

With the current state of the economy, many people find it difficult to stick to one job alone. As a matter of fact, many of our professionals today find it difficult to budget their salaries which makes living in this fast-paced world quite difficult. If you are one of those who want to earn a few bucks while working full time, you can always pick up side hustling. Side hustling offers many benefits which we’ll explain below.

There are many different forms of side hustles which you could start today. Most of these options are easy to start, so you can begin immediately. For writers, you could enjoy your passion further by opening a blog. You could even start a podcast and discuss topics which are important to other people. You may also consider selling your handmade crafts online. All of these you can do while working on a full-time job.

Better Opportunities and Contracts

When you engage yourself in side hustles, you increase the chances of obtaining more opportunities. When you start writing blogs or recording podcasts, you not only develop new skills, you also build new relationships and contacts. With these connections, you will be able to create new opportunities to improve your craft. You may have to start small, but over time you can develop new skills and opportunities that you wouldn’t ordinarily get in a full-time job. For example, you may start out writing a blog, as I did, but eventually, you will begin to supervise or mentor others who write for your blog.

These skills and relationships can transfer to your full-time job. You can use your new skills as a springboard to new projects or you may meet people through your side hustle who can help you grow in your current role. They may even help you land your next full-time gig!

Financial Security

While there are endless possibilities for a full-time job, there are some people who find themselves in a dilemma such as job loss, job transition, or for other reasons. They do not have the security of tenure, so they transfer from another job to the other. Moreover, advancing technology could expand the use of artificial intelligence, decreasing the need for mechanical labor.

One of the other perks of a side hustle is financial security during these stressful times. If you have these opportunities, you would have a backup plan which could still aid you despite the ongoing situation. Because of the diverse streams of income from these side jobs, you will feel more secure about paying your bills. No matter how small the amount is, having a side hustle alleviates the stress.

Outlet for Creativity

Whatever niche you are entering in, whether it be travel, finances, or information technology, side hustles offer the ideal outlet for you to unleash your creativity. Since you are your own boss, you could create a product or a service which would go beyond the limitations of a corporate job. There are no set guidelines. There are no restrictions. Only pure creative thought poured into your craft. For example, you can create a cooking podcast because you are fond of creating new recipes.

When people are given creative freedom, they usually think outside of the box. At the end of the day, the fulfillment that you would receive is one of the biggest advantages of having side hustles.

Increased Confidence

A side hustle also helps boost your confidence in more ways than one. When you hear your clients praise you for a job well done, your confidence will surely increase. This confidence will translate over to your day job, thus increasing your productivity there as well. Moreover, this confidence boost will also help you push yourself further to develop more innovations towards your business.

If you have that level of confidence, a little roadblock will not be a hindrance. Instead, it would be your inspiration to strive better and keep moving forward. After all, you are your own boss in your side gig. The responsibility rests on you.

Professional Development

Most people who try a side hustle say that it helps boost one’s professional development. If you have been working in a 9-to-5 job, you might find yourself stuck. You might not feel like you are growing as a person professionally.

With a side hustle, you become well aware of the skills that you have and further improve them with the craft you do there. Because you control everything, you get to explore your strengths and ideas. You invest in your knowledge and capabilities. From here, you find yourself developing into a well-rounded professional.

Development of Skills

Whether you are running a blog or driving an Uber, you will most surely develop a set of skills that you can also use in your day job. Even the most minute skill that you learn from your side hustle could be applicable to a certain situation in your full-time job.

Whatever skills you learned from side hustling, you can include in your resume. This further develops your professional career which would further boost your sense of self. Who knows, these new skills might also lead to new passions. Your inclination for marketing or design, for example, might help you land a business project in the future.

Work-life Balance

To many professionals, juggling work-life is one of their greatest frustrations. So while it feels like side hustles could reduce your free time, they could actually help you achieve balance, especially if you have developed a passion for what you’re doing in your side hustle. You’ll feel more motivated in your full-time gig if you know that you can pursue your passion after work.

With a side hustle, you will also learn to set priorities and complete only the impactful tasks because of your limited time. If you’ve heard of the Pareto Principle, you know that 20% of the effort you put into your business will lead to 80% of the outcomes so you can balance your time to achieve the most effective tasks.

You may even learn to balance work-life with travel, especially since several of us are always fond of traveling to de-stress.

As an efficient side hustler, you could also get to try new experiences while having the time for yourself. Indeed, we included it as one of the perks of a side hustle to let you realize how important balancing everything is.